Quiz Test

How we act in the world is not always reflective of who we are. When taking this quiz, imagine you are your happiest, best self without worrying about other people’s reactions or evaluations. Don’t think too hard, go with your initial response.

The purpose of this is to have a greater understanding of yourself and other people in your life. This will empower you to make better choices in all areas of your life, including the design of your clothing your accessories your home. Enjoy!


Are you more of an extrovert or an introvert?

You and your good friend are having a fight. You are most likely to be frustrated because...

You are most likely to be too...

Which of these adjectives describes you best?

Which job sounds more appealing to you?

You make your decisions based on...

People like to hang out with you because you...

What are your moods like?

What are you most like at school?

When it comes to romance, you are looking for...

Choose which of the following best describes you:


If you were a work of art, you would most closely resemble...

all season dress

You feel best in clothing that is:

When you walk, people might say you:

If you were light energy, your friends would categorize you as:

If you were to embody an archetypal personality, you'd see yourself as:


If you were an animal, you would be most like:

If you had to describe a quality of your personality, it would be:

If you were at a World Peace Summit meeting and were asked what you would contribute to this meeting, it would be:

Ultimately, you believe you bring to the world the following gift:


A location that best embodies your way of being would be:


Your Favorite kind of eating event might include:

When you feel most attractive, you feel:

Deep down, you secretly desire:

You found:

The essence quiz is designed to help you identify your Season Archetype. Occasionally, answers are more indicative of our temperament than our essence. For instance, you can be a Spring with a Summer temperament. This might be an opportunity for personal growth.

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